About Us

When you successfully create a connection with your clients, many of them will stay loyal for life and you’ll have the chance to increase your overall profitability while building a solid foundation of brand promoters through word of mouth.

Achieving that connection is no easy task.

Companies that succeed in doing this are the ones that stay true to their core values over the years and
create a company that clients are proud to associate with.

The best brands strive to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into one exceptional relationship.

Our goal is to help you create and maintain that relationship.



President – Melisa Jones

Born and raised in New Brunswick, the last thing this seafood-loving Martimer ever thought she’d find herself doing was moving to Toronto to start a new, unknown, chapter of her life.

I sold pretty much everything I owned…my house, my truck, my boat, my furniture…and packed what was left in a tiny UHaul and headed for the big city.  The “6ix” they called it.

The first few months were rocky, to put it mildly.  I’d left my family, my friends, and everything that was familiar to me.  I was incredibly lonely and admittedly scared out of my mind. Many days it took every bit of willpower for me not to run back home and just accept defeat….but a gut feeling reasoned me into staying.

Everything happens for a reason, and I honestly couldn’t begin to explain the amazing twists and turns that started happening to me.  It’s very true that you get what you ask for….that we create our own reality and that everything we give energy to is what controls us.  Keeping a positive attitude and believing in your dreams is just the beginning!

Years ago (I won’t say how many), I graduated from Marketing college and never had the opportunity to use my education towards a career.  Well, that is about to change.  I may be new to the industry, but I’m excited, I’m determined, and I’m up for the challenge!

After all, a diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well.


What is a Mangata?

Mangata, pronounced Moan-gah-tah, is a word that simply describes the sparkling, road-like reflection that the moon creates on water.

How many of you have marveled at a Mangata and been lost for words at its beauty…its energy….

At Mangata Marketing, the Mangata reminds us to never stop looking up, to never stop dreaming, and to never stop believing that we all have the power within ourselves to achieve anything we desire.